Vitrectomy Perfluorocarbons

FCI-DECA and FCI-OCTA are liquid perfluorocarbons (PFCL) used in retinal surgery during vitrectomy as a transitory intra-ocular tamponade especially in retinal detachment, proliferative vitreoretinopathy or giant tear, posterior lens luxation or intra-orbital implantation. Supplied with sterile disposable needle (20Gx1.) and syringe (5ml or 10ml).

FCI Decaline

FCI deca 5 ml S5.8150
FCI deca 7 ml S5.8170

Density: 1.94
Molecular weight: 25 times higher than water
Refractive index: 1.31 at 20°C

Vitrectomy Perfluorocarbons - DECA

FCI Octaline

FCI octa 5 ml S5.8250
FCI octa 7 ml S5.8270

Refractive index: 1.27 at 20°C
Viscosity: 0.8 cSt at 25°C
Vapor pressure: 56 mmHg at 37°C

Vitrectomy Perfluorocarbons - OCTA