Tissue Expander Sphere

OSMED self-inflating tissue expanders are made of a specially developed hydrogel that uses the osmotic principle to gain volume.

These implants are indicated in the treatment of clinical anophthalmia, congenital microphthalmia and postenucleation socket syndrome. After implantation, OSMED hydrogel implants start to absorb body fluid and grow consistently to a predefined form and volume.

The increased volume of the implant – between 7 to 12 fold, depending on the product type – leads to an increase of soft tissue:

  • High biocompatibility
  • Similar hydrogel also used in soft contact lenses
  • Low complication rate
  • Controlled swelling
  • No search for valve
  • Different shapes to cover various indications

Main characteristics:

  • Expansion of the orbita in clinical anophthalmia
  • Compensation of volume deficiency in the orbita
  • Creation of an abutment / support for artificial eye prothesis
  • Enlargement of the palpebral fissure due to forward pressure from the artificial eye prothesis
  • Sterile, Single use
  • Box of 1

*In vitro in 0.9% NaCl-Sol.

Tissue Expander Sphere

Tissue Expander - Sphere 1ml (Orbita Expander) box of 1 OSM352-7100
Tissue Expander - Sphere 2ml (Orbita Expander) box of 1 OSM352-7200
Tissue Expander - Sphere 3ml (Orbita Expander) box of 1 OSM352-7300
Tissue Expander - Sphere 4ml (Orbita Expander) box of 1 OSM352-7400
Tissue Expander - Sphere 5ml (Orbita Expander) box of 1 OSM352-7500