The DIFFRACTIVA®, from HumanOptics, is a multifocal capsular bag IOL, developed for cataract patients who value a natural visual impression. It offers comfortable visual acuity at all distances: near, intermediate, and far. The design with balanced light distribution is tailored to the everyday needs of patients and offers them clear visual advantages, especially under demanding light and contrast conditions.

Diffractiva IOL

DIFFRACTIVA® combines several optical principles:

FAR Diffractive-refractive optic design for excellent visual acuity in all lighting conditions
INTERMEDIATE DOLA technology for optimized light use and reduced photic effects
NEAR Near addition for an ergonomic reading distance

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Multifocal Diffractiva-aA

Multifocal DIFF-aA

Multifocal Diffractiva-aAY

Multifocal DIFF-aAY YELLOW

Technical Information
Type Multifocal posterior chamber IOL,
1-piece, foldable, optional blue light protection
Optic diameter 6.0 mm
Total diameter 12.5 mm
Material Hydrophilic, glistening-free acrylic, UV absorber
Optic features Central diffractive aspheric anterior surface with a refractive optic periphery, aberration-free, 360° LEC barrier, HD optic,
Near addition +3.5 D (at IOL plane)
Haptic design C-loop
Estimated A-constant
(optical biometry)
XL diopter range 10.0 to 30.0 D in 0.5 D steps
Also preloaded in SAFELOADER® available
Also available as MC 6125 DIFF
MC 6125 DAY

The diffractive-refractive optic design achieves excellent visual acuity under both photopic and mesopic lighting conditions. The light distribution of the IOL is optimally regulated through the interaction of the illumination intensity and the pupil. Under photopic lighting conditions the light is balanced between the near and far range; in low light, the emphasis is on safety and far vision is more dominant. With a product adapted to their everyday needs, patients benefit from the best possible imaging conditions.

This is achieved by focusing the diffractive element on the central zone of the optic: This reduces glare to a minimum. The refractive edge area generates excellent distance vision under mesopic conditions and with dilated pupils, comparable to monofocal IOLs. This offers decisive safety benefits for the patient especially in low-light conditions.

Diffractive-refractive Optic Design

Light DistributionThe efficient light distribution of the DIFFRACTIVA® is tailored to the everyday needs of the patient.

Under photopic conditions and when pupils are constricted, the patient benefits from an even light distribution in the near and far range. The lower the light intensity and the larger the pupil, the farther the center of the light distribution shifts into the distance.

The gradual reduction of the diffractive element enables a smooth transition from near focus to far focus.

DOLA technology (diffractive optic, local asphericity) generates an optimized visual acuity in the intermediate region with reduced photic phenomena. The optic design makes especially efficient use of the local asphericity of the individual stages of the diffractive element. The adapted asphericity extends the visual range with optimized light usage in the intermediate range. Glare phenomena and light loss, which often occur with polyfocal IOLs, can thus be significantly reduced.

DOLA Technology

The central diffractive element with a near addition of 3.5 D enables comfortable near vision and meets all visual requirements at a physiological working distance of about 40 cm. With increasing age and progressive neuronal cell degeneration, vision deteriorates. The IOL concept of DIFFRACTIVA® considers the increased magnification requirement and compensates for it with optimal near addition.

Near Addition

Multifocal Diffractiva IOL features