The VEGA CBM-X-Linker is a UV device with a single LED for Cross-linking treatment. The integrated video-camera and guided-procedure on screen make the device unique to the market. The VEGA CBM-X-Linker utilises new telemetric optics for obtaining a better radiation uniformity, and is also very comfortable to use.

  • Timer and Monitor to observe all procedure steps
  • Control pedal
  • Fixation point
  • Incorporated telecamera with focus controller
  • Improved irradiation consistency thanks to the excellent UV illuminator, integrated with an innovative optical system
  • Adjustable diaphragm to vary the treatment area
  • Built on a stand with wheeled base
  • Balanced operating arm

Cross-Linking - VEGA CBM-X-Linker

Cross-Linking - VEGA CBM-X-Linker Monitor

Characterisitic of UVC source Single LED for UV-A rays
Maximum wavelength: 370nm
Width of ray: 8nm
Power density of irradiation 3mW/cm2 (nominal), Accuracy: ±10%
10mW/cm2 (optional)
Diameter of irradiated area Between 4 - 11 mm (@ 54 mm)
Collimation system Couple of red LED
Telecamera Integrated with optic head
Colour micro-telecamera
Monitor Colour, 5.6 inch
Dimensions 1000 x 545 x 1280 mm


RICROLIN®, made by SOOFT italia, is an ophthalmic solution containing Riboflavin 0.1%. This solution is instilled in the eye during irradiation of UV-A light as part of the parasurgical procedure of corneal cross-linking. The principal objective of RICROLIN® is to provide a barrier against UV-A penetration beneath the corneal stroma, and therefore protect the delicate internal structures of the eye (corneal epithelium, lens and retina) from damage that may be caused by radiation. RICROLIN® solution is in fact capable of reducing up to 95% of the UV energy that reaches the deep strata of the cornea.