Artificial Anterior Chamber

Network Medical has designed the CORONET™ Artificial Anterior Chamber to be used with any of the CORONET standard hand held trephines and is unique in concept, in that one chamber fits all sizes of donor graft - ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

The Artificial Anterior Chamber allows the donor cornea material to be supported on a chamber of balanced salt solution, the pressure of which can be varied to recreate the required intraocular pressure. This permits the surgeon to cut the donor button from the epithelial surface, which directly mirrors the cut on the recipient cornea and so the donor button will have a similar wound architecture to that of the recipient. Cutting the donor button from the epithelial surface also reduces potential damage to delicate endothelial tissues and facilitates better approximation with the recipient cornea, which in turn reduces the likelihood of post-operative scarring and astigmatism.

Artificial Anterior Chamber Key Features:

  • Supplied with two tissue retaining heads (small 14.5mm-16.0mm, large 16.0mm-18.00mm)
  • Single chamber design can be adapted to fit graft tissue between 14.5mm and 18.0mm
  • Provides improved approximation between the donor button and patient cornea
  • Designed to allow required intraocular pressure to be recreated
  • Constructed to provide a leak free chamber
  • Graticule cross hairs for improved precision
  • Suitable for use with both manual trephines and femto-second lasers
  • Weighted and broad base gives a stable platform
  • Supplied sterile, single use only, one per box, declared 5 year shelf life
  • Manufactured in the UK

Artificial Anterior Chamber

Artificial Anterior Chamber (A.A.C) with large and small tissue-retaining heads 51-935