HumanOptics TORICA® is a one-piece capsular bag lens for correcting astigmatism in cataracts. Due to the toric, meridional aspheric optic, the IOL allows for outstanding refractive results and thus full patient satisfaction!

Based on the premium IOL platform, TORICA® has the following advantages:

  • Meridional aspheric optic design for precise imaging quality
  • Proven high rotational stability*
  • Full patient agreement*
  • XL delivery range

Gyöngyössy B et al. Rotational stability and patient satisfaction after implantation of a new toric IOL. Eur J Ophthalmol 2016; 26 (4): 321–327.


More Information

Toric Torica-aA


Toric Torica-aAY


Technical Information
Type Toric
posterior chamber IOL, 1-piece, foldable, optional blue light protection
Optic diameter 6.0 mm
Total diameter 12.5 mm
Material Hydrophilic, glistening-free MicroCryl®, UV absorber
Optic features Toric meridional aspheric anterior surface, aberration-free, 360° LEC barrier,
HD optic
Haptic design C-loop
Estimated A-constant
(optical biometry)
XL diopter range sph: -20.0 to 40.0 D in 0.5 D steps
cyl: 1.0 to 20.0 D in 0.5 D steps
Extended diopter range on request
Also availabe as MC 6125 T

Precision based on experience

TORICA-aA/-aAY is a product with more than 20 years of know-how in development and manufacturing of toric lenses. HumanOptics is one of the world’s pioneers in this field and launched one of the first toric IOLs as early as 1997. Since then, HumanOptics has consistently developed the concept and, with the TORICA®, offers a premium IOL for precise astigmatism correction.

Meridional aspheric optics

Its meridional aspheric torus gives the TORICA® maximum imaging quality. The asphericity is specifically adapted to the radii of the toric optic. Both meridians are aberration-free – an essential advantage over the conventional correction to the mean asphericity. Patients benefit from a more point-shaped image and improved contrast sensitivity.

Precision through Sub-nano resolution technology

As a leading manufacturer of premium IOLs, HumanOptics has a high-precision manufacturing facility. This enables us to produce optical surfaces with an accuracy in the nanometer range: the optimal aspheric torus can be created with corresponding precision. High-quality meridional aspheric optics are the result of Sub-nano resolution technology.

XL delivery range

The XL delivery range of TORICA® allows for exact compensation of astigmatism even with high cylinder values. For special cases HumanOptics produces toric IOLs beyond standard values commonly available on the market. Even patients with extreme visual defects can significantly improve their quality of life. With their extraordinary range of products and additional individual solutions, HumanOptics accepts not only medical responsibility but also social responsibility.

Torica IOL features