Disposable Three Mirror Lens

FCI disposable three mirror lens provides a high resolution visualization for observing the posterior pole, the fundus, the peripheral retina and the vitreous body.

Exceptional visualisation every time:

  • Zone 1: Lens for observing the posterior pole up to 30°
  • Zone 2: 75° inclined mirror for observing the fundus above the 30° mark
  • Zone 3: 67° inclined mirror for observing the peripheral retina
  • Zone 4: 59° incllined mirror for observing the vitreous body and the aeras of the fundus alongside the ora serrata, as well as for gonioscopic examinations.

Main characteristics:

  • Angulations of 59°, 67°, 75°
  • Central view 30°
  • Image magnifications 0.93x
  • Sterile, Single use

Disposable Three Mirror Lens

Disposable Three Mirror Lens Zones

Disposable three mirror lens PMMA 0.93x magnification,
Angulation of 59°, 67°, 75° (box of 5)