Surgical Treatment

The optimum surgical treatment choice for reducing the risk of ocular exposure in the facial palsy patient has long been the implantation of an eyelid weight made from either 99.99% pure gold or pure platinum. MedDev sterile eyelid implants are provided for this purpose in two designs: Contour™ Eyelid Implants and ThinProfile™ Eyelid Implants.

ThinProfile Eyelid Implants

MedDev’s ThinProfile Eyelid Implant is 40% thinner than our popular Contour implant. The ThinProfile’s reduced thickness provides improved eyelid cosmesis while providing the same effectiveness as our proven Contour implant.

Our ThinProfile Eyelid Implant features a proprietary three-dimensional curvature and precise tapering to produce the thinnest eyelid implant available.  An aesthetically pleasing outcome assures patient satisfaction.

Surgical Treatment - ThinProfile Eyelid Implant Gold

ThinProfile™ Eyelid Implant Gold

Surgical Treatment - ThinProfile Eyelid Implant Platinum

ThinProfile™ Eyelid Implant Platinum

Weight Thickness Gold Catalogue No Platinum Catalogue No
0.6 grams 0.6mm LL 4006 LL 6006
0.8 grams 0.6mm LL 4008 LL 6008
1.0 grams 0.6mm LL 4010 LL 6010
1.2 grams 0.6mm LL 4012 LL 6012
1.4 grams 0.6mm LL 4014 LL 6014
1.6 grams 0.6mm LL 4016 LL 6016
1.8 grams 0.6mm - LL 6018

Contour Eyelid Implants

Contour™ Eyelid Implants feature a proprietary three-dimensional design that conforms to the curvature of the ocular globe.

The Contour Eyelid Implant is less conspicuous when implanted in the eyelid because the tapered lower edge and rounded lower corners create a lower profile. Surfaces and edges of the implant are smoothly polished to ensure tissue compatibility.

Contour™ Eyelid Implant Gold

Contour™ Eyelid Implant Platinum

Weight Thickness Gold Catalogue No Platinum Catalogue No
0.6 grams 1.0mm LL 3006 LL 5006
0.8 grams 1.0mm LL 3008 LL 5008
1.0 grams 1.0mm LL 3010 LL 5010
1.2 grams 1.0mm LL 3012 LL 5012
1.4 grams 1.0mm LL 3014 LL 5014
1.6 grams 1.0mm LL 3016 LL 5016
1.8 grams 1.0mm LL 3018 LL 5018
2.0 grams 1.0mm LL 3020 LL 5020
2.2 grams 1.0mm LL 3022 LL 5022
2.4 grams 1.0mm LL 3024 LL 5024
2.6 grams 1.0mm LL 3026 LL 5026
2.8 grams 1.0mm LL 3028 LL 5028