Punctal Gauges for Preloaded Silicone Punctal Plugs

Punctal Gauges

These three stainless steel ophthalmic surgical devices have gauges on each of their ends, for a total of six sizes and a highly effective plug sizing capability. Each device is also available individually.

Punctal gauges for plugs S2.3631 / S2.3632 & S2.3641 / S2.3642 S2.3065
Punctal gauges for plugs S2.3651 / S2.3652 & S2.3681 / S2.3682 S2.3066
Punctal gauges for plugs S2.3421 / S2.3422 & S2.3121 / S2.3122 S2.3067

Material: Stainless steel, sold non sterile

Punctal Gauge Set

  • Enables the accurate sizing of the punctum to select the appropriate plug
  • Includes 6 bulb shaped gauge sizers & sterilizing tray
  • Stainless steel
  • Reusable
Punctal gauge set (box of 3) S2.3160